Planning Your Visit to the Civic Theatre

We love excursions! Children of all ages enjoy the theatre and we want to help make your experience richer and your day run smoother. We have put together some handy hints for Teachers- please read these before your arrival.


Please arrive 30 minutes before the show starts. A supervising teacher will need to report to the Front of House Manager in the theatre foyer to confirm the school name, numbers and special requirements. The Ticket Office will then hand you your tickets and advise where you are sitting.


School groups will need to meet at Wheeler Place (next door to the theatre) prior to entry into the main foyer. The Civic Theatre Front of House Manager (or an Usher) will direct your group's entry into the theatre.

School Bags

Due to safety obligations, we cannot allow school bags to be carried into the theatre. If possible, leave them at school or on the bus. If you must bring them with you to the theatre, you will be asked to leave them outside the auditorium in our foyer or Bar area. Valuables should not be left in bags.

During The Show

One of the best things about going to the theatre is seeing and sharing the experience with the rest of the audience. Show your appreciation of the performance- cheer, clap or give a standing ovation if you loved it!

Teachers are responsible for ensuring

  • That no food or beverage is taken into the auditorium
  • That students do not speak during the show
  • That students do not use their mobile phones
  • That students do not take photographs or video.

Special Needs/Requirements

Please advise us as soon as possible of any special needs for your students. We have a number of spaces allocated for wheelchairs and if required, hearing assistance, however arrangements must be made in advance.

Making the Most of Your Excursion

The Civic Theatre sits in the centre of Newcastle's cultural precinct. There are lots of great places and nearby cultural centres to maximise your school's excursion experience.

We recommend the following nearby options: